Anti-slip coating for baths / barefoot surfaces

Anti-slip, antibacterial and transparent coating!

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Certified and approved

The transparent anti-slip solution that keeps you in place

German technology

37.3 million of the world’s annual falls require medical attention. This is one of the leading causes of injury-related hospitalization among seniors.

This coating, which applies like a paint, leaving only a transparent matte finish, is manufactured by Kamba, a German company with a proven track record in the field.

Anti-slip solution for bathrooms

81% of hospitalizations of seniors in Canada are due to accidental falls in the bathroom. Ceramic surfaces and bathtubs are slippery materials when not treated with anti-slip products.

This anti-slip is popular in bathrooms in senior centers, where the risk of falls is higher, and the risks of hospitalization is high.

The antibacterial properties of this anti-slip coating make it ideal for wet areas, such as showers, baths, and floors. It can be an excellent alternative to anti-slip bathmats that accumulate mold and bacteria.

Anti-slip solution for poolside

Although this anti-slip was designed for bathrooms, it can also be used on most surfaces that will be walked on barefoot

The anti-slip is ideal in areas such as public or private pools. It will allow a better adherence in the presence of water.

This anti-slip is regularly installed in public swimming pools and their showers, where its antibacterial properties make a difference.


Kamba (Allemagne)

Approximate covered area

2m2 / 10.76 pi2


Transparent matte

Safety standard

DIN 51097 (TÜV)

Anti-slip power

C grade

Antibacterial standard

DIN ISO 22196:2011

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Box content

1x Limeremover
1x Special cleaner
1x Anti-slip treatment
1x Masking tape
1x Sponge
1x Roller for anti-slip application
1x Coating tray

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Is there any color in the product?

No. In addition to being transparent, This anti-slip and anti-bacterial coating blends seamlessly with the original floor with a touch of mat.

What is the recommended drying time?

The anti-slip and antibacterial product drying time is between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the ventilation in the building.

What is the warranty?

5 years for our anti-slip & antibacterial coating for floors when installed by professionals.

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Anti-slip for bath / barefoot

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