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From father to son, in Quebec

With the goal of reducing the ecological impact of the construction and renovation industry in addition to reducing the bills associated with energy consumption, Jose De Oliva came up with a sustainable solution with a nano-thermic glass insulation in 2010. His product was immediately recognized as the technological discovery of the year by the National Home Show. In addition to providing unparalleled energy performance for businesses and building owners, this innovation has made a significant difference in sustainable development with more than 2,000 achievements. About ten years later, it is to his son, Ricardo De Oliva, to take over.

Today, the product offering is expanding to help reduce the number of accidental falls due to slippery floors, which more than 37 million a year worldwide. Ecolo Synergy’s anti-slip and antibacterial flooring continues its eco-responsible path to counter these unfortunate statistics and ensure the safety of people at risk such as the elderly and children.

Although Ecolo Synergy is based in Quebec, it has already achieved a number of commercial projects in Canada and internationally.

A proud Quebec company offering you the right sustainable solutions.

Our Expertise

We make sure that every customer can benefit from the advantages of our eco-friendly products. Our installers are certified so that you can take full advantage of our sustainable solutions. Our warranty offers you peace of mind and a return on investment generally between 2 to 4 years.

  • Customized service according to your needs
  • Perfect results
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back
  • Sustainable and economical solutions
  • Quick installation

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Our results speak for themselves

Ecolo Synergy worked efficiently to meet our needs. It is a company we have been doing business with since 2010 that has always responded to our requests.. [...] We sincerely believe that Ecolo Synergy will be able to adequately and efficiently accomplish any task in their field and provide the work requested. For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend them.

- Concordia University

Our beautiful glass office has a charm, but was expensive in terms of heating and air conditioning costs.  Following the insulation of our windows with Ecolo Synergy, we no longer have this problem. Our company continues to operate in comfort.

- Vincent Selection Group

I used Ecolo Synergy to insulate my windows because some rooms in my house were unusable with a constant draught. It was unpleasant and I was spending a fortune on heating in addition to condemning certain rooms. After having proceeded with the installation with the experts from Ecolo Synergy, not only can I use each of my rooms, but I no longer have to heat my garage and I save money. In addition, my children can play in the basement, even in winter!

-Tan, residential, Terrebonne

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